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Wire EDM

Wire EDM

Wire erosion is based on the principle of spark erosion. This thermally ablative manufacturing process works by electrically discharging sparks between a wire and an electrically conductive workpiece, which is surrounded by a dielectric. It is a highly precise, contactless and shaping cutting process for all electrically conductive materials and is primarily used for tool and mold making.

– Travel max. x/y/z : 750 x 500 x 400mm
– Travel u/v-axis : 770 x 520mm
– Workpiece weight : max. 1500kg
– Taper : max. 45° at 250mm height / max. 32° at 400mm height
– Surface quality : up to Ra=0,20
– Smallest wire diameter: 0.15mm (slot width incl. spark gap = 0.21mm)

Travel max. x/y/z : 750 x 500 x 400mm

Cones : max. 45° at 250mm height / max. 32° at 400mm height

Smallest wire diameter: 0.15mm (slot width incl. spark gap = 0.21mm)

Our Stenghts

From simple parts with just one wire cut to prototypes or complex large series with a wide variety of contours, we can take on your orders at any time. Our warehouse is constantly stocked with erosion blocks in a variety of materials and hardness grades, so that we can react flexibly and quickly to your projects. With our extensive experience in wire erosion of hardened steels, stainless steels, titanium, carbide and aluminum, we are ideally equipped for your tasks in the most demanding materials.


Wire cutting can be used on a variety of materials, including metals, alloys and even some non-conductive materials such as ceramics.


Wire EDM stands for exceptional precision and the ability to produce complex shape contours with narrow tolerance fields and the smallest slot widths.

No Contact Machining

As the wire does not physically touch the workpiece but works via a spark gap, there is no mechanical stress on the workpieces to be processed

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