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Sinker EDM

Thanks to our in-house electrode production, we are able to fulfill your erosion orders on time and at a low cost. We also have the most common clamping system adapters at our disposal, which enable us to work with electrodes provided by you. With our extensive experience in die-sinking EDM of hardened steels, stainless steels, carbides, and aluminum, we are ideally equipped to handle your projects in the most demanding materials

Travel max. x/y/z: 620 x 420 x 400mm
Polishing erosion is possible.

Unser Maschinenpark

CNC spark erosion machine tool type: Exeron EDM 313
Processing size: xyz620x420x400 mm

CNC spark erosion machine tool type: Exeron S 310 MF
Processing size: xyz350x270x270

Our Strength

Die-sinking EDM is based on the principle of spark erosion. This thermally ablative manufacturing process works by electrically discharging sparks between a shaping electrode and an electrically conductive workpiece, which is surrounded by a dielectric. The electrode has the negative shape of the desired contour of the part to be produced. It is a highly precise, contactless, and shaping process for all electrically conductive materials and is primarily used in tool and mold making.


Die-sinking EDM stands for exceptional precision and the ability to produce complex shape contours and undercuts with narrow tolerance ranges and high surface qualities.

No contact processing

As the electrode does not physically touch the workpiece but works via a spark gap, there is no mechanical stress on the workpieces to be processed.


In wire EDM, complex 3D contours can be created in a wide variety of conductive and hardest materials.

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