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Flat Grinding

Max. travel x/y/z : 600 x 400 x 575mm
Workpiece weight : max. 600kg
Highest production tolerances: less than 5µm

Start Hole EDM

Travel max. x/y/z : 600 x 400 x 400mm
Electrode diameter : 0,25 – 6,00mm
Series precision drilling
Removal of broken tools

Wage Measurement

Measuring range x/y/z : 500 x 700 x 400mm
3-D coordinate measuring machine
highest accuracy due to fully air-conditioned measuring room
Measurement report generation

Laser Marking

Labeling field max. x/y/z : 615 x 430 x 440mm

YAG system for removing metal and foaming or carbonizing plastic
Laser marking of various shapes and colors
Series part marking and individual logos

CNC turning

Center distance: 750mm
Swing diameter over bed 320mm

Surface Finishing

Microblasting systems
Working area W/D/H : 550 x 350 x 400mm
Blasting media : glass beads 70-110µm and <50µm / corundum
Cleaning and compacting of surfaces

Programming systems

CAD/CAM systems exchange format
Rhino 7 (Robert Mc Neel)
Peps V2022 (Camtek)
Pictures by PC3.8 (Schott)
All common import and export formats can be read.

Field of activity

Tool / fixture / prototype / mold construction
Electrical / optoelectronic industry
Automotive industry
Medical technology
Aerospace industry
Research / Development
Hunting / sporting arms industry
Motor sports

What We Offer

With a wealth of experience in the machining and processing of hard metals, stainless steels, titanium, and aluminum, we are well-equipped to tackle the most challenging materials and projects.


Surface finishing is often used to enhance the visual appeal of a product. This includes providing a smooth, glossy, matte, or textured finish, as well as adding colors and decorative elements.

Corrosion Protection

Many surface finishing methods are employed to protect materials from corrosion, extending the lifespan of products, especially in industries like automotive and construction.

Wear Resistance

Surface finishing can improve the wear resistance of components, making them more durable and reliable, particularly in machinery and engineering applications.

Thermal Conductivity

Some surface treatments are used to enhance or modify the electrical and thermal conductivity of materials, which is valuable in electronics and heat transfer applications.

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have strict regulations governing surface treatments to ensure the safety of products and environmental compliance. Compliance with these regulations is a key consideration in surface finishing processes.


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